Why Upgrade your Pool Area with an Outdoor Patio?

Reasons to have an outdoor patio built this summer

Wonderful wet ways to win near the water

Summertime definitely calls for some serious swimming pool fun. Dipping in the cool waters can make the heat more bearable and enjoyable and, of course, spending it with family and friends makes those backyard pool days even more of a blast.

A patio is a beneficial addition for any home, whether it has a swimming pool or none. It provides families and friends with a chance to gather outside while enjoying the sun and the outdoors. But a patio by the poolside also allows families to lounge around while watching other members play in the water. It is also a great place to relax when you can’t get in the pool.

For some, a patio is an integral part of the pool landscape, setting up chaise lounges, a table and chair set, and sufficient walking space around the swimming pool can make any backyard pool more delightful. If this sounds like you, contact Hunter Patios & Additions, in Beresfield, near Newcastle, NSW, to get the ball rolling.

Why will an outdoor patio benefit your pool area

Why will an outdoor patio benefit your pool area?

Many things make investing in an outdoor patio in the pool area a smart move. Here are just some of the benefits of having one…

A pool patio makes a great gathering place for family

A patio provides families great opportunities to hang out together and create fun memories. It also allows members of the family to spend more quality time together outside the house and is an excellent way to pull the kids away from the TV or their computers.

The family can lounge around together by the pool, talking, reading, or doing anything that relaxes them. They can also use the patio for outdoor dining or even use it as a place where the children can study and play. The possibilities are endless, making an outdoor patio a great and practical investment for every homeowner.

A pool patio provides a place to watch over the kids

Children should never be left alone playing in the pool, no matter how geared up they are or how shallow the pool is. Having a place where the adults can easily watch over the children can make babysitting easier.

One-third of child drownings in Australia occur in swimming pools, the most common place for these tragedies to strike, making it a serious matter that parents should never dismiss.

A pool patio is safer

Having an outdoor patio surrounding the pool area is much safer for children, even for adults, because non-slip patio materials will drastically reduce accidents. They also reduce the risk of injuries from spiky plants and ants.

A pool patio is more comfortable and relaxing

We all need a place to hang out and relax in for a while in between swims. A patio from Hunter Patios & Additions will allow swimmers to rest, eat, drink and catch their breath in between dips. With patio materials that will be cool to the feet even when under the scorching Australian sun, the patio will be even more comfortable, especially if there is also a roofed patio with weatherproof blinds to protect from the harsh Australian sun.

A pool patio is a versatile outdoor living space

Families fond of hosting parties and gatherings for friends and extended families will love the pool patio. Pools and patios make a great combination for outdoor parties, whether for children or adults.

A pool patio can be your personal backyard resort

Don’t have the time to go to a tropical paradise? Want to have year-round resort and holiday vibes? Homeowners can create their own personal resort with a pool and an outdoor patio.

Beautifully designed paving and outdoor patio can instantly transform a backyard pool into something magical. Throw in the right trees, vegetation, and outdoor furniture to create a personal and special retreat.

What to consider when planning an outdoor patio for the pool area

What to consider when planning an outdoor patio for the pool area

Homeowners who plan to have an outdoor patio installed in their swimming pool area (why not choose Hunter Patios & Additions to do the hard work for you?) should consider the following factors.

Matching patio and house style

The patio should blend well with the overall appearance of the house and not clash with it. An outdoor patio design that will complement a modern house will be different for homes with older styles.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the patio should consider the homeowner’s plan with it. Will it be for the family’s use only? Will it be a place for parties? Will it be a place for entertaining guests?

An outdoor patio intended for parties and gatherings must be designed with the maximum number of people in mind. It should have enough space for chairs, tables, and a grill for outdoor cooking. Of course, it is vital to be realistic. The size of the outdoor patio will also depend on the size of the yard.

The location of the outdoor patio will determine its shape. Plants and rock installations should be considered when determining the shape of the patio.


The choice of materials to use in a patio will affect its appearance. The most common materials for outdoor patios include concrete, natural stone, brick, pavers, and loose materials such as crushed stones and sand. The homeowner should also consider the intended atmosphere that he wishes to achieve with the outdoor patio.


The right pieces of furniture can make the outdoor patio more functional – if it is meant to be a place to rest after a swim, lounge chairs will do. However, if the homeowners plan to use it for alfresco dining, chairs and a table are a must. Other factors that one should consider when building a patio include budget, patio roofing, privacy, and weatherproofing.

Are you planning your own outdoor patio Contact Hunter Patios and Additions now

Are you planning your own outdoor patio? Contact Hunter Patios and Additions now

With more than three decades of experience, Hunter Patios & Additions is the team to trust for your outdoor patios in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley. We specialise in insulated patios, pool enclosures, patio covers, privacy screens, and other outdoor additions. Hunter Patios and Additions offers full warranty for each project for your peace of mind and value for money.

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