Upgrade Your Backyard with a Custom-Built Patio

Add an additional functional space to your backyard

Us Australians love spending time outside and the patio fits well with this lifestyle as an extension of the home lounge. For homeowners looking to upgrade their lifeless backyard, building a custom-made patio can be both a lucrative and practical investment.

Whether you call it a porch, deck or courtyard, the classic outdoor patio provides more function than any other space in a standard residential property. It is a cosy, multi-purpose area where the family can relax, garden, exercise, practice yoga, play sports, and entertain guests.

While you may be reluctant to start building a patio due to the costs involved, the many benefits definitely outweigh these concerns.

Why upgrade the backyard into a patio?

Why upgrade the backyard into a patio?

The team here at Hunter Patios & Additions knows it is the perfect time to convert to a more usable and family-friendly backyard, and here are some reasons why. Click on each one to find out more:

  • Year-round entertainment
  • Expanded living spaces that blend with the indoors
  • Easy to customise
  • Many accessorising options
  • More green space
  • Protection from the elements
  • Low to zero maintenance
  • Higher home equity.

Year-round entertainment

Imagine a hot summer day in the backyard with the kids playing on the grass. Meanwhile, the adults are enjoying a barbecue and cocktails with friends. The patio is the perfect place for such activities. It provides a great place to entertain while shielding people from the sun and rain.

Patios are particularly valuable for homeowners who have small houses. A well-designed alfresco space allows the host to serve more guests than the living room can accommodate.

Expanded living spaces that blend with the indoors

Speaking of small houses, the patio can create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition to increase the amount of living space available. For open spaces, the patio easily blurs the lines between the kitchen and living room. In addition, their multi-purpose nature allows people to move from an alternative entertainment area to a dining room or poolside lounge.

Easy to customise

The beauty of outdoor patios is that they are 100% fully customisable – add an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, a bar, or even an extra room for storage, the options are endless. Patios are not sold preassembled, so they can be built in any size, shape, and colour to match any house. Feel free to choose where and how the patio will be installed, depending on the contours of the house.

In terms of design and functionality, the options are also truly endless. Build a patio with a rustic or modern theme, blend it with the landscape or make it a point of interest in your backyard or let the patio be an expression of creativity where the family can sit back and relax after a hectic week.

Many accessorising options

Along with the style and function of the patio, choosing the accessories is also an important decision. How about adding a fire pit or building a brick or stone wall to serve the same purpose?

Mobile additions such as garden elements, a barbecue grill, and table and chairs are also popular in outdoor patios. No matter how many elements are added to the patio, make sure that they are weatherproof as they will be sitting outside regardless of sun protection.

And speaking of the sun, the best way a patio can provide coverage is by installing a roof over it. This is especially necessary for those in Australian cities that get pretty hot in the summer.

More green space

Building a patio does not mean sacrificing green space. The garden and the patio can coexist in the backyard. In fact, vertical gardens and climbing plants are great for breathing life into the outdoor space.

Research has shown that nature can help reduce stress levels. An outdoor patio could thus have a huge impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. For example, after a tiring day at work, the best way to unwind is to sit back and pop up those feet in a pleasing environment with lush greenery. An outdoor patio provides space and fresh air for that much-needed rest and relaxation.

Protection from the elements

In addition to cosying up the backyard, a well-built patio will be able to withstand heavy rain and snow and distribute them evenly across the roof. This would relieve stress from the roof structure. Furthermore, a roofed patio provides essential coverage against harmful UV rays as the ozone layer gets even more depleted.

An outdoor patio is also great for protecting furniture – no more fading or warping as the furniture is exposed to the harsh sun or water damage from rain ruining those cushions.

Low to zero maintenance

Minimal effort is required to maintain an outdoor patio. Most of the upkeep involves sweeping the floor and the occasional plucking out of weeds in between joints and paving stones. Visual inspections are also relatively easy to conduct as the structure is made of stone, concrete or brick.

Higher home equity

When it comes to the return on investment, building an outdoor patio is relatively inexpensive, considering the boost it will bring to the property’s market value. Whether there are plans to sell or not, investing in a patio will cash in a return when selling time arrives.

Patios are a fantastic way to bring indoor comfort to the outside of the home. Sitting on the same comfortable couch, one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the natural elements in the backyard, such as the sun, plants and birds. It is essentially a home in the outdoors.

Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade your backyard or simply add value to your home, patios are the best way to do it.

Why choose Hunter Patios & Additions to install your patio?

Why choose Hunter Patios & Additions to install your patio?

  • 35 years of experience.
  • Licensed builders.
  • Superior materials and workmanship.
  • Engineered designs with safety and quality assurance.
  • Full warranty (15 years for product material, six years for structural build, and six years for workmanship).
  • Free quote.
  • Free home inspection.

Hunter Patios and Additions is a name you can trust when it comes to outdoor living spaces. We can help design and build your patios, decks, carports, pergolas, shelters, and other types of extensions.

Our specialisation includes:

  • Skillion patios
  • Pool enclosures
  • Screen enclosures
  • Glass enclosures
  • Gables
  • Patio covers
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Privacy screens.

Contact us today for a free quote by calling 1300 780 698 or 02 4966 8488. You may also email [email protected] for enquiries or visit our showroom at 1/1 Kullara Close, Beresfield NSW 2322.

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