Skillion single skin patio covers shield you from sun and rain

Our experienced team of designers will help you create a premium carport that is functional and will enhance and add value to your home that blends in with your house style and colour.
Benefits of single skin patio roofing
Cost effective and low maintenance
Choice of 2 steel thicknesses to maximize cost savings
High gloss finish and sleek modern appearance
Fewer posts and more open space
Stylish powder-coated posts
Extensive range of decorator colours
Heat reflective finish
Water tight joining system
Protective film reduces potential for damage during transport and installation
Fully tested by James Cook University to the latest “low high low” testing standard
15 year warranty.
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If you’ve been trying to decide what kind of outdoor covering you’d like to add to your home, consider a skillion patio! They are a fantastic option, protecting you from sun and rain so you can utilize your backyard as an entertainment space. Here at Hunter Patios & Additions, we always build our skillion patios in Newcastle with a water-tight joining system and heat-reflective finishes, so you never have to worry about the weather wearing it down.

We are the premiere skillion patio builders in Newcastle and can be trusted to deliver a perfect product every time. Hunter Patios & Additions will always provide excellent work at affordable costs and maintain a high standard and code of excellence. When you want to start a new construction project for your home, hire us as your skillion patio builders!

We are the Best Skillion Patio Builders in Newcastle

Our priority as your skillion patio builders is to provide excellent service and quality results. Hunter Patios & Additions focuses on clarity, keeping you in the loop every step of the way, from planning and budgeting to designing and constructing. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our artistry and customer service–it’s what has enabled us to grow into such a successful business over the years!
We’ve been the leading skillion patio builders in Newcastle for 35-years now, developing a reputation for our reliability and skill. We’ve created a vast network of tradespeople and suppliers within the construction industry, which benefit our customers. Our employees are all fully licensed skillion patio builders and knowledgeable on all the recent codes and regulations.
At Hunter Patios & Additions, we dedicate ourselves to building the finest skillion patios in Newcastle. The quality of our work is incomparable! All of our designs have been thoroughly tested according to the latest “low high low” standard by the James Cook University.
We have the utmost confidence in our construction, thanks to the high-end materials we use and the experienced skillion patio builders we employ. To prove our worth, we offer a 15-year warranty for this addition!

What You Can Expect with Your Skillion Patio in Newcastle

When you hire Hunter Patios & Additions as your skillion patio builders in Newcastle, you’ll always get beautiful craftsmanship as we combine practicality with sophistication. You can expect:
Stylish designs. We focus on creating modern and contemporary additions that contribute to your overall curb appeal and increase your home’s value. You can choose from our extensive range of decorator colors and have the most fashionable skillion patio in Newcastle!
Affordable and low maintenance. We always work within your budget, utilizing our experience as the top skillion patio builders in Newcastle to find you the most cost-effective solutions. We offer two choices of steel thickness to maximize your savings.
Engineered plans. Our skillion patio builders create structures that are code-compliant and aesthetically pleasing. The roofing has a high-gloss finish while the posts are powder-coated, and we use fewer of them for our skillion patios in Newcastle to create a more open and functional space.


At Hunter Patios & Additions we are completely committed to our Customer Service Code of Excellence and we are as confident in our product and workmanship as we are in our customer service. That’s why, for your peace of mind, we back our product and workmanship with our “Stress Free” Registered structural, material and workmanship warranty*.
Hunter Patios and Additions have been changing the way Australians live for over 35 years, with our unwavering commitment to quality, Integrity and service so you can rest assured you to get the best possible result.
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