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Complete your patio look with stylish outdoor shutters

The patios and outdoor entertainment areas of 2021 definitely aren’t what they used to be. The days of enduring ‘bleh’ two-tone outdoor floor tiles (you know, the kind that look like the old bathroom or laundry floor tiles), or bare, grey concrete and a white- or green-enamelled filigree cast iron table and chair setting are long gone, replaced by stunning alfresco living options that almost seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor areas. The modern outdoor furniture available in 2021 is often as stylish and comfortable as indoor furniture, not to mention the incredible range of durable outdoor floor and lounge scatter cushions that can be used to accent your outdoor living area.

These days, consumers want their patio, outdoor entertaining area, or alfresco living area to echo their home’s interior – or to be even better! If you’re wanting to improve the look of your outdoor areas this year, by adding or improving a patio, pergola, deck, or alfresco area, why not consider adding a set of beautiful, durable aluminium outdoor shutters?

Why choose aluminium outdoor shutters for your patio

Why choose aluminium outdoor shutters for your patio?

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are a smooth, stylish, and practical way to dress up your outdoor or alfresco area, while allowing you to easily control light, ventilation, and privacy. Available in a wider louvre style for an ultra-modern look, or a slimmer louvre in the style of traditional plantation shutters, these sleek and sturdy shutters are made of weather resistant aluminium.

Aluminium plantation shutters come in a wide variety of colours and finishes – including smooth or woodgrain, and from matte to high shine – allowing you to select the perfect combination of colour and finish to match or complement your existing external finishes. High-quality powder coating ensures these shutters are moisture and rust resistant and easy to clean, making them much more durable than plastic or timber shutters.

Aluminium outdoor shutters also come in a range of versatile configurations that allow for complete customisation, with the option to choose from bi-fold, fixed, hinged or swinging, and sliding, or a combination of these. Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are excellent for the security-conscious homeowner, as the louvred blades have stiffened ribs that provide greater strength and durability, and the shutters can be fitted with a variety of locking mechanisms for added security.

Bi-fold aluminium plantation shutters

Bi-fold aluminium plantation shutters are configured in accordion- or concertina-style, with two or more panels joined by hinges that enable the shutter panels to fold against each other, giving a spacious look to your outdoor area. This design can be custom-made to suit openings of most widths and lengths, without being overly expensive. A reputable shutter supplier can assist you to correctly measure your space and select a suitable finish, delivering made-to-order bi-fold aluminium plantation shutters that can be DIY installed quickly and easily (or professionally installed, if you’re willing to pay a little extra).

Fixed aluminium plantation shutters

Fixed aluminium plantation shutters, as the name suggests, consist of one or more panels that are fixed in place. They are permanent fixtures that cannot be opened like a window or door, and even the louvres themselves may be fixed – though most fixed plantation shutters retain the ability to adjust louvres, to allow the desired level of light and ventilation. The configurations in which fixed outdoor shutter panels may be used are almost endless.

Fixed aluminium outdoor shutters may be installed:

  • to form a wall from your eaves to floor level.
  • to form part of a wall – for example, from your eaves to the top of a structure such as a retaining wall.
  • to form a fence, supported by part-height posts fixed to the floor or ground.
  • to form a vertical awning, supported by full-length posts fixed to the eaves or roof and the floor/ground.
  • horizontally, to form a louvred roof or roof section.
  • in the bottom half of a split, full length shutter, where the top section consists of a sliding, hinged or bi-fold panel while the panel in the bottom section is fixed in place (or vice versa).

A good, local shutter company will be able to give you advice on whether a fixed or split/combined aluminium shutter option, in the configuration you’d prefer, will work in the patio area or outdoor space you have.

Hinged (swinging) aluminium plantation shutters

Hinged aluminium plantation shutters are available in a variety of configurations, to suit all types of spaces – though hinged panels can often be better suited to panels of small to medium width, they may be made to suit almost any length (height). In contrast to bi-fold panels that fold against each other to leave a spacious opening in the centre, hinged shutters consist of a single panel that opens in or out, like a standard door – in fact, they are often placed next to fixed panels to function as a door or a gate.

If you’re on a budget and want to save money, but don’t want to compromise on quality, some suppliers of quality shutters offer a made-to-measure DIY option that allows you to save money by installing your customised shutters yourself. A good shutter company that offers a DIY option will also be able to provide you with all the instruction and advice you need, to ensure you can undertake your DIY installation with a minimum of fuss.

Sliding aluminium plantation shutters

Sliding aluminium plantation shutters consist of louvred panels that are on tracks or runners and can slide back and forth to open or close. They are a great option for wide, open spaces (where they won’t obstruct a view) because they can’t be folded back out of the way.

Sliding shutters may be fitted with a solid panel on the bottom and louvred blades in the upper section, providing greater privacy at all times. Sliding aluminium plantation shutters may be kept closed to completely contain the space, the louvred blades may be opened to allow ventilation without completely sacrificing privacy, or the panels may be slid to either side to let more light in and allow greater air flow.

Contacting a reputable local supplier with both manufacturing and installation expertise will ensure you get the support and assistance you need, so you have the benefit of knowing that not only has your patio or alfresco space been precisely measured and that your shutters will be custom-made to those specifications, but also that your shutters will be expertly constructed from high-quality materials.

There are some fantastic deals available from local suppliers on high-quality shutters, in both DIY and professionally installed options, which is a much better idea than compromising on quality, finish, colour or size by purchasing ready-made external aluminium shutters from your local hardware store!

Hunter Patios & Additions can help you create the secluded and sophisticated alfresco or outdoor area you’re dreaming of

Hunter Patios & Additions can help you create the secluded and sophisticated alfresco or outdoor area you’re dreaming of

Hunter Patios & Additions design and build the greatest decks, the finest pergolas and the most excellent patios and patio enclosures in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter regions.

Hunter Patios & Additions are licensed builders with 35 years’ experience, who are well known for their unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction. Their engineered designs are safety and quality assured and expertly constructed, they manage the process from start to finish, arranging all necessary approval processes and permits, and they offer premium structural, material and workmanship warranties.

To find out more about how Hunter Patios & Additions can help you to create the secluded and sophisticated alfresco or outdoor area you’ve been dreaming of (that you can add beautiful made-to-measure aluminium plantation shutters to!), call us today on 1300 780 698 or 02 4966 8488. Alternatively, please send us an email at or visit our Contact page and use our online contact form to send us a message, and a Hunter Patios & Additions team member will contact you shortly.

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