Pros and Cons of Skillion Roofing

How can a skillion roof improve the function and look of your outdoor space? Let’s find out…

Roofing is an integral part of every structure. However, there are many types of roofing options available and, while it’s true that they all provide protection from the elements, they can vary in durability, design, and materials.

The choice of a roof should be based on both the preference of the owner and on research. Here, the team at Hunter Patios & Additions have outlined the benefits and disadvantages of installing a skillion roof.

Types of skillion roof

A skillion roof is a pitched roof with a single slope. It is also known as a mono-pitched roof and differs from a flat roof due to its steepness and pitch.  Over the years, the skillion roof has evolved. These changes resulted in four different types of skillion roofs, differing in their steep pitch.

  • Butterfly roof – Also known as a V roof, the butterfly roof looks like the inverted version of a standard roof shape.
  • Oval roof – It is a curved skillion roof, which allows for a larger indoor space.
  • Split-skillion roof – It combines the traditional gabled roof with a skillion roof for a more stylish home.
  • Multiple skillion sections – Several skillion roofs at different heights add a unique character to the property.

Cons of a skillion roof

Of course, it is not all benefits when choosing to install a skillion roof (but we will get to those below). Skillions also come with a set of disadvantages that homeowners should be aware of before making their roofing choice:

  • No attic storage
  • Vulnerability to wind damage
  • Low ceiling height
  • Not suited for all types of property.

No attic storage

If you envision an attic for the house, then a skillion roof is a poor choice. The Australian building code requires that the attic space be at least 2.4m high to be used as a living space. A gabled or hip roof is more convenient for an attic space than a skillion roof. A skillion roof has a tighter angle than the two, making it impractical to build a liveable attic space.

Vulnerability to wind damage

Skillion roofs are vulnerable to strong winds and hurricanes. Hiring an expert roofer, such as Hunter Patios & Additions, during installation and utilising different roof slopes can make a skillion roof much stronger and more wind resistant.

Low ceiling height

When the skillion roof is too steep, it can result in a low ceiling height. It is therefore crucial that proper angle and design are observed to ensure you are happy with the results.

Not suited for all types of property

Since a skillion roof has no attic space and a lower ceiling height, it is not suitable for properties with a small amount of available space. It also cannot cover the entire house because of its limited span.

Pros of a skillion roof

Here are some thought provoking reasons to choose a skillion roof:

  • Easy construction
  • Good rain drainage
  • Modern design aesthetic
  • Easy solar panel installation
  • Skylight options
  • Durability
  • Suitability to house extensions.

Easy construction

The skillion roof is easier to construct compared with other roof shapes. Its single slope will not require many roofing materials, which also lowers the installation costs. This also means it will be faster to install.

Of course, cheaper does not have to mean plain and boring. Homeowners can go for attractive shingle roof colours for their skillion roofing to make it stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood in a good way.

Good rain drainage

Pooled rainwater on a roof is dangerous. It can lead to leaks and, as the moisture seeps into the walls, it can also lead to costly structural damage.

The roof should be able to let water drain properly to avoid roofing damage. Flat roofs are troublesome because they tend to collect water instead of directing it straight to the gutters and the drains.

A skillion roof also provides the same modern appeal as a flat roof. A skillion roof naturally prevents water ponding because of its shape. For a more dramatic look, homeowners can choose a steeply pitched skillion roof.

Modern design aesthetic

A skillion roof effortlessly gives a structure a modern and cleaner look. Simple and clean lines are in, both for homes and commercial structures. A skillion roof can instantly give the building an unconventional yet modern appeal. It can even instantly elevate the beauty of a shed and make it look more stylish.

Easy solar panel installation

Solar power contributed to 10% of the generated electricity in Australia in 2020 and 2021. The government is supporting the shift to this renewable energy source by funding solar research to benefit consumers.

Investing in a solar system installation is a great way to save on electricity bills, be sustainable, and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. The shape of a skillion roof likewise makes the shift to solar energy much easier because it can easily accommodate the installation of solar panels, providing they the roof faces the best direction for your panels.

Skylight options

The mission to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable is a daily pursuit. Another way to save on energy usage is to install skylights which, like solar panels, are easier to install on a skillion roof.

Skylights let the household enjoy the natural light and warmth provided by the sun, as well as reducing energy consumption for lights during the daytime, and heating during the winter months. Skylights also make a room look larger than it actually is, making the house look and feel more spacious.


Because of its shape, a skillion roof can last longer than its counterparts. Its slope provides proper water drainage, saving it from water damage and problems. It also requires lesser maintenance, making it cheaper and more efficient in the long run.

Suitability to house extensions

A skillion roof can be easily installed in house extensions, without ruining the whole look of the property. It can be used for a shed, garage, patio, and other outdoor spaces.

Contact Hunter Patios & Additions for your skillion roofing needs.

If you need to cover up an outdoor space with a skillion roof, do not hesitate to call our team. Our professional roofers at Hunter Patios & Additions will ensure that you will receive high-quality, durable, and properly installed skillion roofs. Call us on (02) 4966 8488 or email us at info@aztechsolar.com.au and let our team assist you with your home addition requirements.

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