A gabled patio is an attractive and versatile outdoor living space featuring a roof with two sloping sides that meet at a peak. With its stylish design and excellent protection from the elements, it offers ample space for outdoor enjoyment, including plenty of room for your favorite outdoor patio furniture. The gabled roof allows for better ventilation, natural light, and easy integration with different architectural styles, making it a perfect backdrop for an outdoor dining set or lounging area.


An insulated patio is a comfortable outdoor living space with temperature control, perfect for placing your patio outdoor furniture. Its insulated materials in the roof and walls provide a cool retreat in hot weather and a cozy warmth in colder seasons – perfect for enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your cushioned patio chairs. This type of patio also reduces noise transmission and can be customized to complement your home’s style, creating an ideal setting for an outdoor living room.

Single Skin

A single skin patio is a cost-effective outdoor living space that provides shade and shelter. It features a basic roof structure without insulation, offering a simple and budget-friendly option for housing your durable patio furniture sets. Its minimalist design is perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and casual alfresco dining, letting your outdoor furniture set take center stage.


A skillion patio is a modern and stylish outdoor living space with a single sloping roof. It offers a contemporary design that complements various architectural styles. With efficient rainwater drainage and customizable options, it provides a versatile and functional outdoor area.

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