Outdoor Blinds Vs. Privacy Screens

Why Should You Invest in an Outdoor Blind or Privacy Screen?

Outdoor spaces are popular for a variety of reasons. For one, they give families additional living space. Patios and decks, for instance, can be used as outdoor living and dining areas. They can likewise be used as a place to host small parties with friends and families.

Outdoor spaces let people experience a piece of nature at their comfort, allowing them to soak up the sun right in their own yard and to feel the cool air while they dine with their families. These spaces also increase the value of the property, making them more profitable to sell in the future.

However, there is one thing that outdoor spaces cannot give on their own: Privacy. No one can stop people from staring and glancing whenever they pass by and the problem is even worse when the property has no fencing.

For most families, privacy is an important matter of security. The absence of privacy can lead to the misuse of information by people with malicious intentions and unwanted attention can unnerve anyone, making them feel uncomfortable.

But, it’s not an unsolvable situation – all you need to do is call in a reputable, quality team to fit some outdoor blinds or privacy screens.

Outdoor Blinds Vs. Privacy Screens

So how can families who choose to have outdoor spaces ensure that their privacies are not violated? Homeowners have two options: outdoor blinds and privacy screens.

Enclosures help protect the privacy of the homeowners, ensuring their safety. In addition, they protect the space from the harsh elements of the environment. They also help keep insects and bugs out. So, which of the above enclosures is the more suitable choice?

What are Outdoor Blinds?

What are Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are what as their name implies – blinds for outdoor use. They will help shelter patios and decks from rain, wind, and sunlight. This allows homeowners to still make use of their outdoor spaces no matter the season and the weather.

When installed by professionals such as Hunter Patios and Additions, they make outdoor spaces more private and more secure. No one has to worry about the neighbours and passers-by getting a glimpse of family activities on the patio or the deck, and they can give the homeowners a sense of security and comfort, whilst reducing the amount of heat coming in for a cooler and more comfortable patio or deck.

Types of Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds can be manually operated or motorised. They come in different fabrics, colours, and designs and some are made from weatherproof, PVC materials. Homeowners can also choose whether they want them opaque and see-through, or they want to be completely hidden from view. Outdoor blinds give homeowners the convenience to retract and adjust the blinds manually, through remote control, or even through a mobile app.

What are Privacy Screens?

Privacy screens can give homeowners an outdoor space that’s safe from unwanted or curious eyes. Homes are supposed to be private and safe sanctuaries, and that include the decks and patios. Privacy screens can keep away those nosey neighbours, as well as stray animals and bugs. They can also help protect the outdoor space from heat, glare, and strong winds.

The best thing about privacy screens is that they do not block out the natural world altogether - sunlight can still come in, giving the space a natural light.

Types of Privacy Screens

Homeowners can choose between man-made and natural privacy screens. Man-made privacy screens are fitted by professionals such as Hunter Patios and Additions. They can be made from stainless steel, copper, aluminium, timber slats, bamboo, wattle, and even upcycled materials. Natural and living privacy screens include vines, green walls, and hedges. The choice will depend on the taste of the homeowner and the aesthetics that he wants to achieve.

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Installing outdoor blinds in outdoor spaces brings many benefits to the household. Some of these benefits include:

  • Extended outdoor living space.
  • Protection from heat, rain and insects.
  • Sunlight control - cooler homes in the Summer months.
  • Potentially reduced energy bills.
  • Added style and customisability based on the needs and requirements of the homeowners.
  • Versatile and can come in different styles and colours.
  • Conveniently manually or electronically retractable, as needed.

What are the Benefits of Privacy Screens?

Of course, privacy screens also offer several benefits to the home and its occupants, such as:

  • Extend the living space.
  • Protection from heat and rain.
  • Very stylish and customisable, based on the needs and requirements of the homeowners.
  • Movable.
  • Can be used as yard boundary demarcation.
  • Versatile, in a variety of designs and textures to blend with the surroundings.
  • Can hide eyesores in the yard.

So, which is the Better Choice?

Both options have their own benefits, so the best choice depends on what you want to do with your blind or screen. To easily let the sunlight in once a day, purchase some outdoor blinds; to blend well with the surroundings, then a privacy screen is more versatile. Have another look at the advantages of each type, listed above, and make a decision from there.

Maintenance will also be another consideration. Depending on the type of privacy screen used, some will require more maintenance than others, but the same can be said about any element of a property - hedges will require regular trimming to maintain their form and beauty, painting needs to be done every 10 years and the dusting should be done regularly too.

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