How to Increase Your Home’s Privacy Using Outdoor Blinds

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There are many good options for increasing outdoor privacy and, of all those options, outdoor blinds from Hunter Patios & Additions remain at the top because of the many benefits they offer in addition to keeping away prying eyes. How do you achieve privacy with your outdoor blinds? Here’s how…!

10 tips on how to increase privacy with outdoor blinds

10 tips on how to increase privacy with outdoor blinds

Just installing your outdoor blinds usually isn’t enough – it’s vital also to strategise their use. Here are some tips on how to increase privacy by using blinds (click on each one to find out more):

1.     Choose your material

The first step, naturally, is to select the blinds. At Hunter Patios & Additions, we recommend you base this selection on two things: Level of privacy preferred, and aesthetics.

If you want complete privacy, choose blinds that have smaller meshing. This way, when the blinds are open, vision from the exterior is still minimal. On the other hand, if you only need partial obstruction, you may want the larger mesh options. Regarding aesthetics, there are many different designs to choose from. Match the design with the motif of the outdoor area to maximise aesthetic appeal.

2.      Put the support structures in place

Outdoor blinds need proper support structures that need to be fitted correctly in order to function properly. Some important points to take note of regarding these supports are the following:

  • Pillars are excellent to use as braces for the ends of the blinds.
  • Outdoor roofs are perfect for completely obstructing the view. Blinds can also hang from these roofs if they’re sturdy enough.
  • Existing structures such as gazebos and verandas are the best support structures for blinds.
  • Movable braces are also a good choice if one prefers mobility with outdoor privacy.

3.      Optimise blind positioning.

Increasing privacy involves covering all bases and properly obstructing the view. As such, it’s important to optimise the spaces covered when installing blinds. Some ways of doing so include the following:

  • Minimising uncovered gaps.
  • Obscuring the view from different angles.
  • Making the most out of the usable space.
  • Using the correct size and type of blinds.

4.      Pick materials that suit your climate

Outdoor blinds are in constant contact with natural elements. This can cause damage over time, so it’s crucial to pick the right kind of material based on the climate in the area. For example, stainless steel blinds can work almost everywhere. Wooden blinds, on the other hand, work great in sunny areas. These can also last long in rainy areas by using protective wood coats. Picking the right material can help make the blinds last longer and keep privacy up in the outdoor area whenever needed.

5.     Create partitions

Partitioning your blinds involves using smaller segments to cover up a larger area. With this method, you can selectively obscure some areas while keeping visibility up in others. For example, if you want to increase privacy on the entire veranda, installing one long segment of blinds is a bad option, because obstructing the view becomes all-or-nothing.

To help address this, section the blinds in smaller portions so they also cover smaller sections of the veranda. This way, the homeowner can select which areas to obstruct at any given time. If you think this is the way to go for your blinds, contact us at Hunter Patios & Additions for more information.

6.      Use window film for extra privacy.

Some outdoor areas like patios and gazebos have glass windows. These can benefit from the use of window film. Window films are easy to apply – simply stick the film on the surface of the glass to reduce visibility from the exterior. In addition, using both films and blinds can help increase privacy in their respective areas.

7.      Motorise your blinds

Almost everything is automatable nowadays and blinds are no exception. Consider motorising the blinds to increase control over obstruction and visibility. Some even have automated opening and closing mechanisms based on the time of day.

8.      Plants and fencing can help further increase privacy

Other installations can help further increase privacy in a property. Plants, statues, panels and fencing might seem like simple additions, but they work well at obstructing the view.

For fencing height, ensure that the fencing is high enough to keep away prying eyes. Regarding the material, select one that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional in terms of privacy. Wooden fencing, for example, is a great option.

9.      Undertake regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of outdoor blinds are also crucial in preventing damage. Naturally, this is important since damaged blinds can undermine efforts toward increasing privacy in the property.

Make sure to remove dust or dirt, and always check for chips or dents in the material. Do a regular check for damage to prevent it from getting worse. Also, ask for maintenance tips from the manufacturer of the blinds. They would know how to maintain the product best.

10.  Remove the blinds in extreme weather

Finally, always take down the blinds during cases of extreme weather. Luckily, these are not too common in Australia, but it still pays to be safe, in case they get damaged or ripped from your property or cause direct damage to the property itself.

Do outdoor blinds have other benefits?

Do outdoor blinds have other benefits?

Yes! Blinds aren’t just used to increase your privacy. They can also protect the patio, garden, pergola, or gazebo from the elements. Outdoor furnishings are particularly susceptible to these elements, so it is necessary to have a barrier to prevent damage. These blinds can help protect these furnishings against strong winds, harsh sunlight, insects, dust, rain, and heat.

Outdoor blinds also contribute to the aesthetics of the property. This is particularly notable if the design matches the area where the blinds are installed.

Increase your home’s privacy with outdoor blinds from Hunter Patios & Additions

Blinds best function when they are well-made, so be sure to source your outdoor blinds from a reputable supplier. If you’re in  NSW contact us, Hunter Patios & Additions. We can help you with the entire process of obtaining outdoor blinds - from pre-inspection to installation and maintenance, we are right there with you. Learn more about us by clicking here or call us on 1300-780-698 or 02-4966-8488. Alternatively, click here for a free quote and we will contact you right back.

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