How Much Does the Average Patio Cost?

How much to set aside for a beautiful patio

Homeowners in New South Wales can expect to pay a starting price of around $10,000 for a patio. But of course, the amount will always depend on the specifications of the patio, and prices can go upwards of $50,000 for big, fancy structures.

Let’s break down some of the factors that may affect patio cost.


The larger the area, the more expensive it will cost to build the patio. For bespoke projects, the average cost per square metre starts at $80. However, it could be as high as $200+ depending on how many extras are built such as roofing, paving, or decking. How much money to spend on a patio will ultimately depend on your budget and the features you want to add.


Next to size, materials are the biggest consideration when it comes to the cost of building a patio.

Here are some of the most common types of patio materials used in Australia:

  • Stone and resin: $100 to $200 per square metre
  • Timber: $150 to $250 per square metre
  • Paving stone: $200 to $400 per square metre
  • Natural stone: $300 to $500 per square metre


If you are building a patio to host year-round parties, then you will need a patio cover to protect your guests from the hot Australian sun in the summer and rain in the winter.

A roof protects your patio flooring and furniture from wear and tear. Depending on the material and size, a patio roof or cover can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000.

Treated pine is usually an affordable choice but the popular Colorbond cover kit can set you back around $1,000 to $1,500.

If the budget is tight, you can go for removable covers like a giant umbrella or retractable awning which only cost as little as $100.


Your patio needs a solid floor, and again, depending on size and material, the cost of a patio flooring, can range from $50 to $100 per square metre.

Concrete tiles are the least expensive flooring material for patios. You can install them yourself or hire a professional to do it. Although concrete requires minimal maintenance, the downside to these tiles is that they easily crack and do not allow excess water to run through the gaps. If you live in an area with a body of water or experience heavy rainfall, concrete tiles may not be suitable for your patio.

Wood goes well with any style of home, with its classic look and feel. However, while wood is a sustainable material that could last for decades, it does require meticulous and costly maintenance.

When using tiles for your patio floor, ensure that they are not slippery, especially if your patio has no roof. You could mix and match different colours, sizes, and shapes for an abstract look.

If you are going for that old, rustic feel, then lay down some bricks on your patio. They are not slippery and do not require upkeep.

The most expensive material for patio flooring is natural stone. Apart from their natural elegance, these stones are durable, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free.


If you want to install pavers, you need to build a retaining wall first. Timber retaining walls cost around $300 per linear metre while brick retaining walls cost $450 per linear metre.

Interlocking concrete pavers are superb for designing slopes, stairs, and curves. You can also install bricks and cobblestones to create different styles and patterns.

The cost to lay natural stone pavers is $50 to $60 per square metre for a 500 x 500 x 30mm size. Natural sandstone or bluestone hold value over time, making them an excellent investment for homeowners who want to maintain a beautiful outdoor space for years.


Decking is a much better alternative than paving if you are building a patio on sloped ground. The cheapest decking material is treated pine which starts at $200 per square metre. Next on the price bracket is hardwood decking which looks great but needs resealing after every few years. Finally, composite decking, which looks like timber but is totally maintenance-free, is typically the most expensive type.

Prep work - Photo of a backyard from the few of a wooden deck.

Prep work

Building a patio requires a lot of prep work. This includes excavating all the old soil so that two-thirds of your patio is embedded beneath ground level.

If you want to grow grass or turf on top, you need to lay down some weed protection before putting back fresh topsoil.


Patio installation is relatively easy. If the patio is next to a lawn or garden, you can lay the groundwork for paths, gravel, and pavers before installing the flooring.


Each addition to your patio will cost you, so see to it that you are working within your budget. For example, the cost of a patio heater starts at $75 and can go as high as $1,000, depending on the amount of space they heat. Other things you can add are a pergola, an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue area, and an entertainment centre.

Patio lighting is excellent for hosting evening parties but will add a few more hundred dollars to the installation cost. Floodlights are priced at $75, lanterns at $20, string lights at $25, and more complex styles can cost up to $200 after installation.

Electrical and plumbing

Although you can run some cables from your home to create power outlets on your patio, installing separate electrical wiring for your outdoor space is recommended. You will likely plug appliances such as heaters, refrigerators, and outdoor fans, so you do not want to overload your home electrical system.

If you are installing an outdoor kitchen, you will also need to hire a plumber to install all the sink fittings for you.

Patio furniture

Outdoor furniture is an essential aesthetic of any deck. Add a sofa and tables and chairs for dining or relaxing. Decorate your space with plants to add a natural touch to your surroundings.

Blinds are designed to keep your patio safe from peering eyes. In addition to increasing privacy on your patio, blinds offer extra shade during summer. The average price of a 1200mm x 1200mm patio blind is $500 – more if they are tinted and track guided.

Simple patio furniture typically starts at $100. Dining chairs range from $750 to $2,000, while cushioned furniture costs anywhere between $500 and $3,500.


Maintaining a wood patio can cost around $230 to $1500 per year, depending on the type of timber you have and how much work is needed.

Patio flooring made of stone, or concrete patio, is cheaper to maintain as they are not prone to warping when the season changes.

A photo of a outdoor couch suite on a deck.

Choose Hunter Patios and Additions for your patios and decks.

Building a patio not only gives you a beautiful extension of your home but also increases the overall value of your property. Now that you have an idea how much a patio costs, you can now begin planning your design and budget.

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