Deck, Patio, Porch, Balcony and Veranda

A quick guide for homeowners

Outdoor house additions are a great way to make use and take advantage of real estate space. They can also help make the house more energy-efficient and improve a home’s comfort and liveability.

Each type of outdoor house addition has its own benefits, depending on the requirements of the homeowner, but it can also come with some drawbacks; before deciding on which type of house addition to build and install, it is best to do some research on each.

The features of a house addition should match the needs and requirements of the family. They should also align with the family’s lifestyle. For instance, families with younger children may want to do away with a balcony for safety reasons. On the other hand, families who love to spend time together having fun in the sun may consider a deck as their best option for an outdoor space addition.

If you’re considering making an additional space in your outdoor areas, the team here at Hunter Patios & Additions have put together some points for you to mull over. Click on the type of space you are considering, listed below, for more information:



A deck is one of the most common additions to homes in Australia. It can either be freestanding or attached to the house. Decks are versatile – they can be built both over slopes and flat grounds and a well-designed deck can effectively transform not just the yard but the entire home.

Deck Uses

Although a deck can have a variety of uses, here are some deck ideas that homeowners may want to consider.

  • Pool decks – Pool decks allow families to mix swimming, lounging, and dining enjoyment. They give direct, seamless access to the pool, as well as a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor space.
  • Outdoor Living Areas – Decks are a wonderful idea for anyone looking for a simple outdoor living space. They can be an extra space for entertaining guests, relaxing, or dining with the family.
  • Viewing Decks – Take advantage of a beautiful vista with a viewing deck. A simple viewing deck with railings and outdoor furniture can instantly give families a space for reflecting, relaxing, and some quiet time with each other.
  • Covered Decks – A roofed deck is perfect for an all-year and all-weather outdoor space. The roof will not only protect the furniture but the deck materials as well.


A patio is a house extension characterised by a paved surface, usually made of concrete or natural stone. Like decks, patios can be attached to the house, or they can be detached, usually uncovered, although some may use pergolas or patio covers to protect them from the elements.

Patios can be flat-roofed or gabled, with a peaked roof. When designed and built well, patios can significantly enhance the outdoor space of a house. Speak to the team at Hunter Patios & Additions for more information.

Before installing a patio, it is essential to decide on its purpose. Will it be an extension of the living room, or will it be an outdoor dining space? Of course, it may be for another purpose, but knowing what the patio is for can help in the planning and design.

Usually a backyard or garden feature, a patio can instantly give a house a relaxing outdoor retreat. It can be used as a space to entertain guests or as an extension of the family’s living space.



A porch is an outdoor structure that is generally attached to the house. It usually comes with a roof and an enclosure, such as lattice works, screens, and columns. The porch is commonly attached to the main entryway of the house and can be used as a place to rest and get some fresh air. Larger porches can even be used to entertain guests.

In areas plagued by pests and seasonal insects, homeowners may choose to install removable screens for protection to allow families to enjoy the benefits of a porch, no matter the weather and season.

While porches are commonly a front-yard feature, they can very well extend to the sides of the house. Porches that extend from the front to the sides of the house are called wrap-around porches.



Unlike the additions discussed above, balconies are installed on the upper floors of a house. Balconies are like platforms that extend beyond the walls of the house. Some homeowners prefer balconies that are roofed, while some like balconies that provide unhindered views of the sky. They can also be enclosed by walls at the sides, or they can simply be open.

Balconies should be surrounded with railings or balustrades at least 1m high, as mandated by the National Construction Code of Australia. The railings must not have any openings of 12.5 cm or greater.

Families with young children must consider their safety when it comes to balconies. Around 10 children are admitted yearly after falling from a balcony in their homes.

While balconies are considerably much smaller than the other additions listed here, they provide homeowners with a place where they can get some sun and fresh air. They are also great for stargazing. More expansive balconies, however, can also be used to entertain guests.



While the word veranda came from the Hindi word, varandā, its modern roots can be traced back to Australia. They first appeared in colonial and residential buildings in the 1850s.

A veranda is almost similar to a porch, except it stretches along one side of the house. A veranda can even cover more than one side of the house. Verandas are also more commonly known as wrap-around porches.

Verandas are attached to the house, covered by the same roof that covers the main house. They are popular in places with warm weather, as they provide families with ventilation. Not surprisingly, many Aussies choose to cover their verandas with decorative wrought-iron screens, transforming this outdoor space into a full extension of the main house.

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