Adding a Carport to Your Home

If you do not have a garage but would like to protect your car, then consider adding a carport. A great investment, and can provide many benefits for you and your vehicle.

What is a carport? - Photo of a car under a free standing carport.

What is a carport?

A carport is a structure that is built with at least two open sides, some people choosing to add a door for added security and others leaving all four sides open. Planning NSW allows you to build a carport without planning or building approval, as long as it complies with a various other standard. Engaging the help of a qualified building team such as Hunter Patios can take the stress out of knowing all the local regulations and are able to help with completing all the paperwork if a permit is required.

The difference between a carport and a Garage

Garages and carports are similar in the way they are designed to protect your car or possessions from, sun, wind, and rain, however, a garage is a fully enclosed building. Both can be built as a free standalone building or attached to your home or property.

What are the benefits of a Carport? - Photo of a carport built of the side of a house.

What are the Benefits of a Carport?

Everyone knows that the Australian weather and climate can be very unpredictable, and you can experience a variety of different seasons in just one day. Many of us leave our cars outside and open to all the elements.

Protecting your Car

As many homes are not built with a garage, installing a carport can help provide some reassurance that you are protecting your possessions if a stint of bad weather was to come along.

The elements


There are a lot of car insurance companies that do not cover hail damage, so when hail is predicted having a secure place to put your car would be crucial in limiting the damage that hail can cause, which can often be a costly and long repair wait time.


Strong winds have the ability to cause a large amount of damage in a very short time frame. If you have large trees or loose branches around your home, it will only take a gust of wind to potentially cause the free to fall. The strong structural support of a car port is built to withstand harsh weather conditions to provide extra security, and protection.


Installing a carport can decreased the exposure of your vehicle during the hot summer months. The harmful rays can often discolour and weaken a cars exteriors causing it to prematurely age, just the same as it can with our skin.

Add Value to your home

The front of your home is the first part any potential buyer or visitors see, so creating a first impression is vital. Buyers have often come to expect a variety of inclusions within a home as standard, and a secure and safe place to park their car is often top of the list of ‘wants’ in their new home.  If the intention of building a carport is to in turn increase the homes value, then it needs to be completed to a high standard by a reputable company making sure it is built to code and will pass a pre purchase home inspection. A quick DIY job will not do the trick!

Add Storage to your home

Older homes often do not come with the same storage a modern build, so creating additional storage in your home can often be a bonus, reducing the need to take up valuable space inside the home.

Common Types of Carports - Photo of a freestanding carport in a driveway.

Common Types of Carports

Choosing the right material and style for your home will depend upon your homes currently style and your unique taste. It is often a good idea to match the carport to your existing home to keep the flow and overall look consistent, as if it was there the whole time. Many do choose to bring a contemporary look to their home with a carport installation, especially if the plan is to give the whole house a modern facelift in the future.

Gable Roof Carports

A gable roof carport has two slanting sides and a gable at each end, this designs often lends itself well to most homes and can look like part of the original building.

Flat Roof Carports

A flat roof carport is very steadily and usually does not require any additional support. They are a contemporary design and are easy to install.

Adding a carport to your home is a great investment - Photo of a flat roof carport built off the side of a house.

Adding a carport to your home is a great investment

If you wish to add value and protect your belongings such as a car or boat, then installing a carport can be an easier and cheaper than building a garage. Talk to our team here at Hunter Patios and Additions on 1300 780 698 to find out the next steps to creating the perfect carport for your home.

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