7 Valuable Reasons to Install a Carport

Around 85% of Australian households own at least one car and, if you’re one of them, you understand how important it is to have adequate parking for your vehicles close to your home.

If your property doesn’t have a garage or, a garage large for all your family’s vehicles, you may have already considered installing a carport – and with good reason! There are many benefits to be gained from having a covered space in which to park your car.

What Are the Benefits of a Carport

What Are the Benefits of a Carport?

If you’ve considered building a garage at your property but decided it’s too expensive, or you’ve thought about installing a carport at your property, but you’re still not convinced, consider these selling points that carports offer:

1. Protection from The Elements

The Australian weather can be both harsh and unpredictable. Some areas of NSW – especially coastal areas like Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and regional areas such as the Hunter Valley – can experience the proverbial four seasons in one day.

If you want to shield your vehicle from the elements, adding a carport onto your home or business premises can provide you with protection from the effects of the sometimes-harsh Australian weather, including UV, sun and heat, rain, ice, and hail.

2. More Space

Installing a carport that is attached or immediately adjacent to your home can help to increase the footprint of your home and provide you with an outdoor storage area. In addition to providing undercover parking for your vehicle that is conveniently located next to your home, it can also provide space for those bulky items you don't want in the house, or things that need to remain outside, like bicycles or a lawnmower.

A carport built by a professional installation company such as Hunter Patios & Additions in Newcastle, NSW, can also be used as a covered outdoor entertaining area, meaning you no longer need to work around wet weather when planning a family get-together or organising a party that won’t comfortably fit inside your home.

3. Reduced Risk of Vehicle Theft or Vandalism

Many vehicle thefts and acts of vandalism are crimes of opportunity, and vehicles are often more vulnerable when they're parked on the street or in an open driveway. Installing a carport – especially one that is built adjoining a home or freestanding garage – can deter thieves by providing additional cover for your vehicle.

Even more protection can be gained if the carport has an enclosed side and/or a door, turning it into more of an open-sided garage than a carport.

4. Reduced Car Insurance Premiums

After your home, your car is generally the next big ticket item on your insurance list, and car insurance premiums can be made heftier if the insurance company considers the area in which you live to be more prone to theft, or a higher percentage of insurance claims.

If you are wanting to keep your car insurance premiums at a minimum, it makes sense to keep your vehicle safe and in the best possible condition - installing a carport on your property can often reduce your car insurance premium, by affording your car greater protection than parking in an open driveway.

Talk to your insurance provider directly for more information on their policies around garaging or parking your car overnight, and how you may be able to reduce your premiums.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

A carport is a cost-effective way to increase your property’s number of covered car spaces, as they can cost far less to install than a garage. There are many different materials to choose from, which allows you to customise them to your home and your budget.

Additionally, carports do not always have the same energy requirements that a garage does – a basic carport doesn't need an electric door or lights, which use energy on an ongoing basis.

6. Increased Property Value

It's natural to want your property to be as attractive and desirable as possible. A well-built carport is an aesthetically pleasing addition that can modernise the exterior of your property and increase its kerb appeal. A covered car space also adds value to your home and a well-built, attractive carport can make your home a more desirable property than one without a covered car space, or one with a dilapidated garage.

A well-built carport, designed and installed by a reputable, reliable installer such as Hunter Patios & Additions, will stand the test of time, so should you choose not sell your property for another 20 years or so, there will be plenty of life left in your carport when the time to sell does come.

7. Low Maintenance

Most carports have open sides and roofs, and many are constructed from hardwearing materials such as treated timber and high-quality Colorbond steel, so may not require as much maintenance as a full garage and visual inspections, to see if maintenance or repairs are required, can easily be done.

Installing a carport adjoining or adjacent to your home can also help to protect your home and reduce home maintenance costs by serving as a windbreak and helping reduce sun exposure to walls and windows.

Hunter Patios & Additions Can Help You Build Your Perfect Carport

Hunter Patios & Additions Can Help You Build Your Perfect Carport

Hunter Patios & Additions is licensed buildering company with over 35 years’ experience in designing and building the highest quality carports in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter regions.

Hunter Patios & Additions uses the best materials and engineered carport designs to offer a huge variety of styles, sizes, and colours to suit all homes, tastes, and budgets.

Committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction, Hunter Patios & Additions manage the entire carport installation process, arranging all necessary approvals and permits, and their work is backed by generous structural, material and workmanship warranties.

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