6 Ways To Cover Your Patio

Spruce up your patio with these great options

Patios are marvellous home additions that expand the living space of a property and maximise the use of its outdoor space. They allow families to enjoy the outdoors, giving them an extra place for dining, relaxing, and holding a party.

However, while lounging under the sun can be fun and enjoyable, too much sun exposure is unhealthy and may cause discomfort, eye damage, and skin cancer. An exposed patio is also at the mercy of weather elements.

Benefits of a patio cover

Covering the patio comes with many benefits. First, of course, is the comfort and convenience it brings to the family. They can enjoy and use their outdoor space, whatever the weather. It protects both the homeowners and the patio furniture from extreme weather conditions.

Another benefit of a covered patio is that it keeps the house from direct sunlight. It can indirectly shield windows from the onslaught of the sun, keeping the house cooler on hot summer days. Lastly, a patio cover increases the value of the property should the owner decide to sell it later.

Here are the best ways to cover and protect patios. These options instantly elevate the patio’s look, making it more stylish and elegant. Just add some lighting and outdoor furniture to make it even more inviting and Pinterest-worthy.

1. Pergolas

The pergola is one of the most popular covers used for patios and decks. They are as functional as they are attractive and stylish. Pergolas provide shade to the patio, protecting it from the sun, wind, and rain.

Pergolas can be installed attached to or separate from the main house. Some people use the term interchangeably with gazebo. However, pergolas are mostly built attached to the side of an existing structure, whereas a gazebo is freestanding. The pergola’s roof is flat, while a gazebo has a pitched roof. Pergolas also have a more modern design compared to gazeboes.

Depending on the client’s requirement, pergolas may offer full or half coverage. Some pergolas are built with a partial shade, while others have spaciously laid out beams.

Pergolas can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminium, prefabricated materials, metal, and fabric. There are many options in designing a pergola to match the character and aesthetic of the property.

2. Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs, also known as shed roofs and lean-to roofs, are made of a single flat slope. Unlike gabled roofs, the skillion is not attached to any other roof surface. This option is popular with homeowners who prefer a minimalist design to their home extensions and outdoor spaces.

Installing a skillion roof over patio offers many benefits, including:

  • It provides good water drainage, preventing inconvenient water leaks.
  • It has a modern and minimalist appeal.
  • It has a long lifespan.
  • It is easy and quick to build and install.
  • It is perfect for a solar panel installation.

Skillion roofs come in many forms, such as oval-shaped or circular skillion roofs and butterfly roofs that are made of two slopes angled towards opposite directions.

3. Gabled Roofs

A gabled roof has two sections where upper edges meet to form a symmetrical triangle. A gabled patio is a practical option but can still make any outdoor space look elegant and appealing.

Gabled roofs can be attached to the main house or freestanding. Attached gabled roofs can be more complicated to set up compared to a freestanding one. However, it gives a feeling of continuity, making the patio feel like a true extension of the house.

Gabled roofs provide reliable protection from the sun and rain, making the patio functional no matter the season. It can cover more area than other patio covers, especially when it rains. It also provides more natural light and allows for better ventilation. Gabled patios also feel more spacious and are pleasing to the eyes.

4. Gazebo

A gazebo has a distinctive octagonal or hexagonal shape, providing 360-degree views of the property. A gazebo is often built as freestanding or attached to outdoor spaces such as patios and decks.

Another characteristic of a gazebo is the small, second roof on top called a cupola. Gazeboes provide excellent protection from weather elements, so patios with gazeboes can have electrical outlets and other electronic upgrades.

Gazeboes are usually built from scratch instead of being pre-installed, so investing in one significantly increases the property’s value. For privacy, homeowners can hang curtains or set up screened walls. A gazebo also lends the patio a unique and dramatic touch and character, making it perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining guests.

5. Pavilion

Another way to cover a patio is by installing a pavilion. It is characterised by gabled roofs supported by four or more posts. Pavilions can make the patio look more luxurious, and they instantly elevate any outdoor space. They can cover an outdoor dining area, kitchen, and seating area. Pavilions are usually used to cover large areas, making them perfect for oversized patios.

Pavilions cover a rectangular area. The sides are usually open, but homeowners can install a wall on one side for protection and security. Homeowners can also set up electrical wirings in their patio for utmost convenience and comfort.

Pavilions can be made from different materials, such as metal, vinyl, fibreglass, and wood.

6. Insulated Patio Covers

To make the patio more weather-resistant, homeowners can invest in an insulated patio cover. It provides excellent protection against the sun, making the patio more comfortable. During the cooler months, an insulated roof can also trap the heat in the patio to keep it warmer. An insulated roof can also dampen sounds, making general conversations audible even during heavy rainfall outside.

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