5 Benefits of Having a Hunter Pool Enclosure

Installing a pool enclosure is a wise and strategic decision

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to a home. Perfect for family entertainment, a pool will also increase the value of your property and provide families with a great opportunity to bond with each other and exercise.

However, maintaining a pool is not always fun, especially in a yard surrounded by trees and vegetation. Aside from the costly cleaning and maintenance, pool owners also need to consider safety. This is even more critical if the owners have kids and toddlers at home.

Drowning is among the most common causes of death for children from ages 1 to 14 in Australia. While there is absolutely no substitute for adult supervision, an enclosure can help in reducing swimming pool hazards, especially if it is installed by a professional pool enclosure installation team.

What is a pool enclosure?

What is a pool enclosure?

A pool enclosure is a barrier that surrounds the pool and pool area in your home. A pool enclosure can be made of glass, screens, or a combination of both. It can be custom-built according to the owner’s requirements and preferences. A pool enclosure lets families enjoy their swimming pool all year round while protecting it from the weather, stray animals, and debris.

Why Hunter residential property owners should install a pool enclosure

Some may see a pool enclosure as an additional cost. After all, one can simply put up foldable barriers around the pool and cast a net over it when not in use. However, investing in a high-quality Hunter pool enclosure from a great company like Hunter Patios & Additions, based in Beresfield, near Newcastle, NSW, has many benefits that make it worth paying for. Here are some of the reasons why getting a pool enclosure in Hunter is one of the best decisions a pool owner can make.

A pool enclosure helps save lives

1.     A pool enclosure helps save lives

Under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 No. 49, access to swimming pools must be restricted when not in use. The law applies to swimming pools that are located near residential homes. The owner must also ensure at all times that a child-restraint barrier surrounds the pool. This is to help reduce the risks of drowning in children.

Unfortunately, children can drown quietly and quickly. Unlike adults, they don’t make too much ruckus when they accidentally fall into the water. Children are naturally curious, and swimming pools are natural children magnets.

All it takes is just a few moments of distractions for the adult watching over the child – a phone call, someone at the door, or another child in need. The lack of barriers or barriers left in disrepair can provide children easy access to the pool.

While undivided adult supervision is still the best way to prevent drowning incidents, another way to help avoid drowning is through restrictions. This is why the law is adamant in ensuring that swimming pools follow the barrier and restriction requirements through mandatory pool inspections.

A sturdy, fully functional Hunter pool enclosure from a pool enclosure specialist, such as Hunter Patios & Additions, is one of the best ways residential property pool owners can restrict unsupervised access to their swimming pools. It is not a flimsy enclosure that children can easily break through. Instead, it provides reliable restrictions through locks, gates, and other security measures.

All Hunter pool enclosures are built according to structural and building codes. They are built by licensed builders, so pool owners can be confident that their pool restrictions are durable, weather-resistant, and will stand strong for a long time.

A pool enclosure protects your expensive investment

2.     A pool enclosure protects your expensive investment

A swimming pool is not a cheap investment. It involves a lot of money, from construction to regular maintenance and upkeep. That’s why it is only reasonable to protect it from the harsh Australian weather elements.

A pool enclosure also protects a swimming pool from debris. Leaves and debris can easily find their way into the swimming pool. An enclosure, however, keeps this debris at bay, no matter how many trees and vegetation there are in the backyard.

An enclosure also helps keep rodents and pests away from the pool - nobody wants to swim with snakes and critters! A pool enclosure helps keep unwanted pests and creatures from the pool for a safer and more comfortable swim.

Getting a pool enclosure in Hunter makes cleaning the swimming pool less of a chore. Additionally, the pool’s cleaning system and filters will benefit from the absence of debris. Too much dust and debris can take their toll on the pool’s filters and may cause more costly problems.

Pool enclosures maximise enjoyment

3.     Pool enclosures maximise enjoyment

What do most people do before they jump into the pool? Most people will lather up on their sunscreens. It can become a tiresome battle with uncooperative children who are excited to take a dip.

With a Hunter pool enclosure, families can enjoy their swimming pools no matter the time and weather. No rain nor harsh sunlight can stop a fun swimming day. Some enclosures may allow sunlight in, but it’s not as threatening as direct exposure to the sun. A noontime swim may not be a bad idea at all with a pool enclosure.

Of course, adults who may want to take a night swim will also feel safer and more secured with a pool enclosure. Hiring Hunter Patios & Additions to fit your pool enclosure will also provide privacy from unwanted attention and curious neighbours.

A pool enclosure makes a good entertainment area

4.     A pool enclosure makes a good entertainment area

Homeowners who love to throw backyard parties will surely love a pool enclosure. An enclosed swimming pool provides a comfortable and amazing location for a party with friends and families. Backyard parties are vulnerable to sudden changes in the weather, but there is no stopping the party with a Hunter pool enclosure. It can also be a suitable party place for kids since it makes supervision much easier. Pool enclosures can help ensure that they don’t wander off away from the adults.

Pool enclosures increase the value of your property

5.     Pool enclosures increase the value of your property

As with any outdoor home extension, a pool enclosure increases the value of the residential property and its curb appeal. It can help improve the selling price should the owners decide to sell the property in the future. The property will be more attractive since the swimming pool is in excellent condition and come with proper enclosures.

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