10 Reasons to Purchase the Perfect Pergola

Why Should Hunter Homeowners Invest in Pergolas?

The Hunter Valley’s climate is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. What better way to bask in the glorious balmy spring and summer days than to invite friends over for a barbie? This is just one of the reasons why Hunter homeowners should have at least one pergola on their property.

Here are 10 reasons why every Hunter homeowner should get a pergola for their home.

Pergolas are great for entertaining.

1. Pergolas are great for entertaining.

Who doesn’t love outdoor parties, right? For Hunter homeowners who never run out of reasons to throw a party, having a pergola will come in handy. They are great for entertaining, whether it is an intimate outdoor dinner with family and friends, a full-blown pool party, or an engaging book club meeting. Whatever the purpose, pergolas are an attractive and versatile solution to every event happening in a Hunter Valley home.

2. Pergolas are versatile.

Pergolas can create an eye-catching entrance to a home. They also make a great overhang for patios and decks, as well as a walkway cover from the garden or another part of the property. Some people use pergolas to create some kind of outdoor room where they can entertain and relax while enjoying the lovely Hunter Valley weather.

Pergolas provide partial privacy.

3. Pergolas provide partial privacy.

Pergolas are wall-less structures. However, adding climbing vines and drapes can provide some privacy and seclusion without completely isolating the occupant. The pergola then becomes a private haven where one can enjoy the quiet solitude after a long and tiring day.

4. Pergolas help increase property value.

Even with no intention of selling their home, those living in the beautiful Hunter Region will still want to exhibit ownership especially to visitors. According to landscape designers, adding a pergola to any residence can significantly boost its value by as much as $3,000. So, when it is time to sell, it will be easy to impress potential buyers with this eye-catching, sophisticated addition to the home.

Pergolas can extend living space.

5. Pergolas can extend living space.

With pergolas, extending the living space further can be done rather easily. Hunter homeowners can use pergolas to maximise their living space beyond the walls of their home. They can then install furniture and other outdoor decorations without worrying about these things getting damaged in the open air.

In effect, pergolas also extend the amount of time that one can spend relaxing outdoors, even when the sun is beating down or when it is raining lightly. Proper design and orientation can help ensure that pergolas provide adequate protection from the sun and other elements, so homeowners can enjoy their backyard, garden or pool area more often.

6. Pergolas create space to grow more plants.

Landscape designers can add climbing vines or strategically placed potted and hanging plants to pergolas. This addresses the issues of privacy and allows for the creation of a beautiful vertical garden. Ivy, honeysuckle and wisteria are some of the perfect plants to have around a pergola. They will definitely add more colour, fragrance and beauty to the property.

Potted herbs can also be placed on the pergola. This will protect the pergola from animals and insects that dwell on the ground. And, since the Hunter Valley is best known as a wine region, it would not hurt to have grapevines growing on pergolas, too. So, not only will homeowners have a fantastic oasis, they can have their very own vineyard, to boot!

Pergolas can be tailored to your specific taste.

7. Pergolas can be tailored to your specific taste.

Because pergolas also have the power to either make or break your style, it is an absolute must to pay close attention to detail. Make sure to utilise different materials and colours that suit specific personal tastes. One can choose from a variety of material options, like pine, PVC or aluminium. This ensures that any home with the addition of a pergola stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood.

8. Pergolas are enjoyable to decorate.

Pergolas can be decorated with rope lights to create a romantically magical evening atmosphere. It is also fun to decorate and adorn pergolas during Halloween, Christmas and other holidays, too.

Pergolas don’t need much time to install.

9. Pergolas don’t need much time to install.

Some home improvement projects take months to complete but adding a pergola to your home will take only a few days. As a time-friendly endeavour, this means that Hunter homeowners can start entertaining family and friends or relaxing under the shade of their pergola in next to no time.

10. Pergolas are cost effective

Also, pergolas are cheaper than gazebos in terms of upfront and installation costs. These durable outdoor structures are also inexpensive to maintain. Make sure to contact a trusted and reputable company to install these pergolas.

Choose Licenced Builders to Expertly Build Your Perfect Pergola

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