10 Benefits of Building a Patio in Your Backyard

Here’s why so many of us invest in a new patio

With spring ending and summer coming closer, Australians are eager to get outside and relax after months of living through COVID-19 lockdowns. While some of us are still apprehensive about being around lots of people, the allure of creating your own backyard sanctuary has led you here!

10 Benefits of Building a Patio in Your Backyard2

10 Benefits of Building a Patio in Your Backyard

Hunter Patios and Additions has over 35 years’ experience building decks, patios, carports, extensions, pergolas, shelters and much more. We wanted to provide you with our Top 10 benefits for building a patio in your backyard!

1. Increased Living Space

When patios are built with covers, netting, and flooring you have created a relaxing indoor space outdoors. Even without the covers and netting, you’re still adding a level space where you can place outdoor furniture, BBQ’s, fire pits, and so much more. This living space can be great for relaxing, playing games, and just enjoying being outside without having to fight off the Australian nature.

2. Increased home value

Building a patio in your backyard has the potential to increase the value of your home simply from the fact that having an outdoor living space is enticing to potential buyers. Patios are a functional and artistic way to connect the outdoor and indoor activities together, a function that is irresistible to most investors.

3. Makes use of “dead space”

Many homes have areas where nothing seems to grow, either due to the house eves or position of the sun. Adding a patio that is professionally installed by Hunter Patios and Additions will successfully make use of these otherwise dead spaces and turn them from an eyesore to something more creative and useable.

4. Creates entertaining spaces

Having a patio provides you with extra spaces to entertain that aren’t necessarily confined by smaller interior spaces. Installing a patio in-between your home and pool for instance gives you a great BBQ space for a summer pool party!

Having guests with kids over? Why not hang out on your new patio while the kids play on the lawn? The entertaining ideas for a patio are endless and can encourage the less sociable members of your family to still participate without having to leave the comforts of inside completely behind.

5. Ties backyard features together

A backyard patio can be made to tie your yard’s features together. For instance, if you have a large vegetable patch, having a timber or stone patio that works its way towards your garden, consider adding in potted herbs and fruit trees. If you have a pool, your patio can be a great spot to store pool supplies and toys, keep your towels dry and dry off before going inside to shower.

6. Creates a space to unwind

Want a place to unwind without the distractions of cleaning, cooking, and whatever else needs done inside? Your backyard patio can be your Zen space, full of nature and relaxing spaces while enjoying the fresh air.

7. Creates an all-season outdoor space

With the installation of covers, blinds, and/or screens you can create an outdoor space that is able to be used year-round. When installed correctly by a professional company such as Hunter Patios & Additions you will even have waterproof areas where electrical appliances such as fans and heaters can be installed, further increasing the comfort of your backyard patio.

8. Easily maintained

Patios are easy to maintain and generally just require a sweep or wash down to clean up the area a few times a year. The materials are weather resistant and can be coated in a UV resistant sealant. Without having to worry about mowing lawns or weeding gardens, a small space patio makes your backyard space easier to maintain.

9. Expanded customisable areas

A lot of people love having spaces to design, whether it be interior or exterior spaces. Adding on a backyard patio gives your design lover another space to add their personal touch, plus the exciting opportunity to connect the garden with the patio. Being able to bring some of the soft indoor elements outside to connect with the elements of nature can be a very exciting challenge for those who enjoy new challenges.

If you purchased a home with an already established garden, adding in a patio is your chance to add your touch without disrupting the existing harmony of the garden.

10. Reduced energy costs

While building the patio itself may not seem like it’s going to reduce your energy costs, it’s position and materials used have the potential to - your patio will give you a space to enjoy the outdoors and potentially reduces the need to use your home’s heating or cooling system. When positioned properly the patio can also encourage airflow through your home, reducing the build-up of heat from reflective surfaces, and increasing spaces for greenery to be grown.

Your backyard patio can be something as small and simple as a space for a table and chairs, to a grand space full of all the gadgets one could imagine, BBQ’s, lounges, tables, fire pits, TVs, and so much more. When designing your backyard patio, your imagination and budget are really the only things holding you back. The internet is full of ideas and inspiration such as Better Home and Gardens, Pinterest, and Gardening Australia.

Trust Hunter Patios & Additions to install your dream patio

Trust Hunter Patios & Additions to install your dream patio

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